3 Reasons Why We Need an X-Ray Baggage Scanner

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Today we will introduce a hot product here; its name is X-Ray Baggage Scanner. What is the main function of the X-Ray Baggage Scanner and why we need such powerful device? Here you will get the right answer. The X-Ray Baggage Scanner you are looking at is the world’s most advanced, high security, Multi area synchronous alarm that can detect any small mass of metal as Baggage walk through it, detect small or large metals by manually adjusting its sensitivity to high or low sensitivity. The X-Ray Baggage Scanner is widely used in airports, courts, prisons, customs, large bus stations, railway stations, factories, exhibition venues, stadiums, entertainment venues and other places of damage prevention, security inspection. It inspects personnel, handbags and luggage and can locate small metals, improvised explosive device, weapons, ammunition, weapon parts, bombs, etc.

More details about the X-Ray Baggage Scanner you can click into our online store and know more details about the scanner area. This powerful device is equipped with automatic calculation pass number and alarm number function, led display number. All metal induction, with intelligent recognition processing function. Automatic check and restore function. Is it easy to operate it? When carrying any small piece of metal through it, it detects the metal, its alarm will be issued, and you can get an accurate warning position. The target location alarm light is displayed on one or both sides of the door and its top operating panel.

Why we need the X-Ray Baggage Scanner? Following will offer you 3main reasons.

First is also the most important for ensuring the security. As we all know that nothing is more important than security. Complete security detection, multi-zone alarm displays, high discrimination, and high immunity to external interferences, high detection speed, and high reliability with double alert. No matter where you install it. Airports, courts, prisons, customs, large bus stations and other places, the X-Ray Baggage Scanner will create a safe environment.

Secondly, installing the X-Ray Baggage Scanner, you will save much manpower, material and financial resources. Adopting modular design, and provides the X-ray source and detector array, dedicated keyboard key components such as testing diagnosis function, make the equipment fault diagnosis and maintenance is more accurate and fast.

Last but not the least; this X-Ray Baggage Scanner is easy to be assembled. Its modular design is convenient for a quick and simple assembly, strong lightweight design, and easy assembly. Want to buy one? Welcome this professional online store www.security.com and you will get high quality product with the most reasonable price.




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