The Walk through Metal Detector is Widely Used in the Olympic Games

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At 19:00 Beijing time on July 23, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium. The opening ceremony of each Olympic Games is one of the highlights. Literary and artistic performances, the admission of delegations from various countries and the lighting method of the main torch are topics of interest to the audience. Maybe you have no idea of the successful hosting of the Olympic Games. Its success thanks to the hardworking of many people and many helpful tools, among which, this Walk through Metal Detector can be a worthy ally. Especially in this particular epidemic time, keeping the safety of the athletes and workers is very important.

The goal of the Olympics is to be faster, higher and stronger, not only in competition among athletes, but also in their own breakthroughs and progress. The principle can also be used in many areas. Especially in the area of the Walk through Metal Detector, for epidemic prevention requirements, the participants of the delegation must keep a distance of 2 meters. And with the installing of the walk through metal detector, it will create safer environment for the athletes.

   What is a walk through metal detector? You often see it in airport. You can call it safety guard in the airport. Over the past decade, airport safety regulations have been raised to a new level. With the increasing number of passengers, effective and rapid security control at checkpoints puts forward high demands on the security system of the 21st century. In our online store, you will see a new metal detector that enables not only detection but also classification of hidden items, although their direction and exact location are unknown. Our new prototype walks through the metal detector to generate mutually orthogonal uniform magnetic fields, allowing measurement of dipole moments to be classified, even for the smallest items, with high accuracy in real time. This method is independent of the rotation of the object and classifies objects according to the eigenvalues of the polarization tensor, which contain the size, shape and direction of the object. In our laboratory environment, there are no assumptions about the typical location where an item might be located. This is the magic of high technology.

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